IGW Electric Residential Services


The residential division of IGW is the largest division in the company.  Working with builders and remodeling companies provides a consistent line of residential business.  We also work with real estate investors, real estate agents and banks regarding fixing, maintaining and improving property for sale. 

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IGW Electric Commercial Services


IGW works with general contractors and companies of all types concerning comprehensive electrical services throughout Southeastern Virginia.  While based in Hampton Roads IGW has clients in Williamsburg, Surry, Franklin and Smithfield as well.  The commercial division has established relationships …

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IGW Electric Government Services


IGW is a SWAM certified class A electrical contracting firm.  Located in a HUB zone we meet all requirement s needed to work  for local, state and federal governments.  In addition we have rapid gate and TWIC credentials.  It is not uncommon to see our company vehicles on military bases and terminals.

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IGW Electric Green Energy Management

Green Energy Management

IGW is a full service electrical contracting firm that prides itself concerning green technology and its practical applications.  We focus on three primary areas  that apply to most businesses and government facilities.  Those three areas are:Industrial Grade LED fixtures...

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